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From Robert Doisneau:

In order to be tolerated in the art world you have to make false engravings or imitation pastels. Wearing the uniform should have admitted you to the inner circle. Personally I never wore a wide-brimmed hat or a velvet jacket, and neglecting to sport a beard I looked like a young savage without education or theories.

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In Statu Nascendi


This section is dedicated to most recent, temporary exhibitions.
May One
Attention to Detail (1)(2)
Architectural Accent (1)
Cow Parade (3) (4)

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Trades and Letters 
.. See IN STATU NASCENDI for newest photographs.                                                                 At IN STATU NASCENDI the latest addition is "Architecturall Accent"           IN STATU NASCENDI is changing frequently.                                                               At IN STATU NASCENDI see Halloween in Prospect New Town                                                                At IN STATU NASCENDI see Mayday protest or enjoy a Parade of the colorful cows....IN STATU NASCENDI - see "Attention to Detail - a new delivery of still life                               .                                                                                                                                    .                                                               .                      IN STATU NASCENDI...                                         .                                                               . 
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