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The World is simple: Russia, Not-Russia, and Backyards of Babylon. The World is inhabitated by have-nots. Whatever belongs to them, is not for sale.
The camera from  arrives to the scene always on time: the day after.

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In most cases databases exclusively dedicated to photography on the Internet are the effect of individual and therefore, fragile efforts of photographers themselves.

World Wide Arts Resources organized it's large database of the photography in two separate categories:
Online Exhibitions: Medium: Photography
Artists: Photography

PhotoLinks created and maintained by Bill Atchison is very rewarding for casual surfers and contains many entries which cannot be found anywhere else.

FOTOLinks at FOTOnline are a handy Swiss Army knife for all photographers’ needs.

Web portal with personality? Start.Be made it. Let's start from the Fotografen.

ZoneZero, developed by photographer Pedro Meyer, is an artistic and publishing initiative reaching far beyond exponential growth of the Internet culture. ZoneZero is the most vital and reliable institution in contemporary photography and digigraphy.


RedTop and The Eye On The Low Countries are totally different in style, but both remind how powerful, communicative and personal the photojournalism can be, if freed from mediocrity of the commercial magazines. seems to be an avant-garde of the new and exciting concepts of the photographer's web site, where clarity of design and navigation cover an intricate sophistication. Mads Pedersen's own photographic work is strongly influenced by invaluable attributes of curiosity and openness, which when creatively transferred to an entire web site, make it a promising and friendly place ready to share and inform.

One may find a lot of excellent photographs among the links
of Die besten Flash-Seiten, but the price for viewing is very high: the sluggish, blinking and squeaking presentations with the feel of cheap plastic diminish their essence. Skip the intro, wait for loading no more, and learn something from masters of web site composing, such as Ralph Gibson's Light Years or Thomas Kruesselmann's Photography.

A concept of a first-person photo-writing has such spectacular precedence as Frank Horvat's 1999, a Photographic Diary.

Growing capacities of the servers, increased speed of data transfer, and electronic cameras added instantaneity to this form of personal publishing.Take the time to enjoy:
Andre Bazin, Fugit Tempus
Todd Deutsch, Every Day Picture Project
Gisèle Didi, Chronique ordinaire
Takehiro Ujiie, From Under Ground Nakano Tokyo

Are you lost in the photo-gear jungle? Huge informational underlining of the B&H Photo and Video include product descriptions, comparison charts, and a laborious list of the links created by Henry Posner.

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Diego Goldberg, The Sword and the Cross: "I saw the different actors in a theater of inequity whose play I already knew: the harsh, messianic postures of the general and the pious look of the bishop, their sense of ownership -- some of bodies, others of souls." (at the ZoneZero)

Home Page and Image Attic by Neal Ulevich is one of the earliest photographer's establishments on the 'net. What this site is about? Rare press photographs from the war in Vietnam are only part of the answer. Also it is about the time, the people and the art of being the witness.

2000 Photographic Images and Ideas by Darren Stehr is a rich web site, where "tasteful erotica" seems to be less important, than environmental study of human intimacy. With the nostalgic fossils from a violently ended world and passionate reportage from the present, Stehr's web site shows how to photograph in the first person, how to think locally, and how to reach globally.

A one-trick cycle of the photographs by Penna Prearo is brief but opulent in meaning. Prearo's work is in the organic symbiosis with, perhaps, the most hermetic culture of the modern world, where the "reality", allegory and symbol create a deistic unity of "the body, the music that leaves and comes back to the body" forgotten anywhere else.
Every time I navigate to Penna Prearo's page I have the feeling of an intruder allowed to experience the different.

What happens with the angry, here and now photographs after some twenty years? Certificate of Consciousness, a cycle of the images by Krzysztof J. Cichosz shows how the photographs may carry more messages, than those consciously realized by a photographer at the time of creation. Perhaps because behind the awareness is the sensibility.

Douglas F. Dresher ignores elementary instructions of the photographic manuals: he holds the camera behind his eyes. Each of Dresher's images has it's own intriguing integrity and yet, as a sequence, they tell a story about the emotional and social interactions among the people. But, beneath the logic of the story, the photographs create a puzzle. The pieces do not match by default, the whole picture is dark and blurry. You Must Not Forget Anything.

Among all photographs presented by Ivan Pinkava only one recalls a common symbol of death. The people in his delicate and sophisticated portraits draw a thin line between being and being naked to the bone.

José Raúl Pérez: Mexican Tarot: "The majority of the individuals in the Mexican Tarot are common people off the street. More than photographing their individual characteristics, the images try to emphasize the generic, and in doing so, convert these into new interpretations of the traditional archetypes." (at the ZoneZero)

Photographs by Oleg Dersky are everything but silent in their sound, tense and terse definition of the world. The Photographer also seems to be far from silence in the proximity of his lenses to the objects. But the title Silent Photography is not misleading, however. It focuses attention on the space between the Photograph and the Photographer. Oleg Dersky's Photography is as silent, solemn, and tranquil as time is.

Christy Karpinski stole the photographic show of the season with a single, breathtaking photograph as punctual as a poster. Not much of the Iwo Jima wind left in this image. The rest of the skillfully crafted Lux Light Photography creates a back-engineered vision of a photographer as charismatic as Henri Rousseau or Mistrz Nikifor were. I found the reason of the game: it creates me as a naïve viewer. Who doesn't like to play?

Paperwork of the Better World. Tired beaches of the Better Life.
Ricky Molloy   has a camera, will travel; but he will not make any deals.